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. INFO  HIV - AIDS and World AIDS Day - Must Read Article.
World AIDS Day - December 1st

History & Theme

From 1988 onwards, Dec 1st is regarded as the World AIDS day. Every year there will be a theme announced by the WHO, for targeting the complete eradication of HIV-AIDS. The theme of 2018 is "KNOW YOUR STATUS". 

Behind the Theme
  • Every one should do HIV test.
  • If detected the treatment can be started during the early stage.
  • Thereby increasing the life span of the affected.
  • Also will reduce the transmission rate, remarkably.
(usage of Anti-HIV drugs will cut down the chances of spread from one individual to another)


Twisted Red ribbon to be worn on the day, which means - " I'm aware about the consequences of HIV-AIDS and I'll give my everlasting support to those who are infected ".

Statistical Data

As per the statistical evidence of 2016, there are 36.7 billions of infected cases alive. And out of this 1.8 bollion cases are children.

Its important to note that, while on every where else, the count of the infected are reducing day by day, in Eastern Europe and Middle Asia the number is elevating.

In India, about 2.1 billion cases are reported. Its sad that our nation has got the 3rd place in WHO rankings. Most cases are reported from the states - Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Telungana, Maharashtra & North East provinces.

In 1982, the 1st HIV case was reported in Kerala. It might be due to the high literacy rate in our state, that the numbers are coming down in Kerala. Still our Hon.Ignorant PM compares us with that of Somaliya.


HIV (Human Immuno Deficiency Virus) is the virus that cause the disease condition AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome).

HIV = virus / causative organism of AIDS
AIDS = the disease condition due to HIV virus infection.

Even though when the virus enter into human body, it usually takes years to progress into AIDS.

Hence - " All HIV patients are not AIDS patients, but all AIDS patients are HIV infected ".

AIDS occurs when the virus become fully dominant and functional in our body.

What it does?

HIV infection doesnt kill anyone. But it will remarkably reduce / modify our immunity, and thus leading to secondary / opportunistic infections like Tuberculosis, Meningitis, Vasculitis, etc.

Here Tuberculosis, Meningitis, etc are due to immuno-suppression. And Vasculitis further leading to CAD & stroke is due to immuno-modification, where there is an auto immune mechanism triggered.

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