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. MyBB  Create your own MyBB theme, like PostBin.
Create your own MyBB theme, like PostBin.in

If you wonder from where did we got this theme, the fact is that we created it our own, by editing the colors, scripts in css ourselves.

Only if you have some time to burn for your site, you can develop your own theme. I'll give all those technical knowledge you need.

Benefits of developing your own theme

-> You can have your unique design which none else have and can be branded as a trademark.

-> You dont have to wait or pay for any theme creators for doing modifications.

-> Most importantly, it wont crash during the MyBB upgrades, while with downloaded themes and plugins - crashing during upgrades are so frequent and unavoidable. (This is the sole reason, we created our own theme for MyBB. Its painful, if your site shows error messages after upgrade).

-> You have the complete right and control over the theme and hence self-reliant.

-> Can remarkably lower the downtime after the MyBB upgrade.

-> If you simply download a theme and upload it to the website server, you knowledge will be limited to downloading and uploading using a virtual file manager or an ftp client.

-> If you edit the default MyBB theme, you will become aware about the scripts, hex colors, site structure, etc. And finally an efficient Web-Master.

Note : Creating your own theme is not a short cut process. It should be done step-by step.

Create New theme

Go to your MyBB control pannel -> Templates and styles -> Themes -> Create new theme -> Give name for the theme -> Choose default or MyBB Master style as your parent theme.

And your new theme is created. You can edit this theme anytime, by choosing it from the Themes section.

Now start editing the style-sheets. The most important one among this is - global.css


Be careful while editing this section. Even if you commit any mistake, Go to the MyBB Default theme by following the above steps and copy the stylesheet scripts and paste it to the newly created theme's corresponding stylesheet area.

But you can tweak any values or modify any scripts. Just remember what you did, If something goes wrong. So do changes one-by-one. You may request our help, in case you need any.

Get our Help

Start Theme Modification

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