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. REPORT  Aghori Music - the best blend with Cannabis
Reposted from DrugTalk.info - by ManuRahim on 29-09-2018, 09:12 PM

Aghori Music - the best blend with Cannabis

I'vent been much to cannabis. Even I hate to smoke cigarettes. Being a health care personel, may be I'm too much health concious. But I've got real dickhead friends, who feeds upon such stuffs.

Recently I met one, and he introduced a recent trend among the cannabis consumers of India (doubtful, wheather its international).

Blending Aghori Music with Cannabis Bhongs. He further explained the formula.


Small room, with walls painted with different colors (as in modern art). Close all windows and doors. Make it dark with just a dim Light on. Preferably a Red zero volt bulb. You may have an acquistic guitar / indian veena, to make it blessed.

Who are Aghoris?

Aghoris are a cult in Hindu religion. They are believed to be the decendants of Goddess Kali, a form of Lord Shiva (God of destruction & death). Many Hindu believers consider them as evil and uncivilized.

But my personal opinion is that they are Ganja addicts and thus materialistically NUTS.

They reside in deep burrowes / caves for long time taking joints of cannabis. According to them, they are in search of the ultimate truth / nirvana.

Though criminal suites are not seen filed against them, its widely believed that they practice,

-> Cannabalism - consume meat of the dead after cremation (its after death, hence not a criminal activity).

-> Nudity - many roam cities nude (this is offenisive, but for police, they are exception.

-> Use of Illegal drugs - are notorious for consuming copious amounts of cannabis & alchohol.

-> Use Human bones as jewellery.

-> Sex with Corpses - Well, its just a popular belief. May not be true.

Aghori curse people who ask for their blessings, and sometimes throw feces at them in the form of prasad.

Despite the habit of cursing, the Aghori believe that a true devotee of Shiva must not hold hatred in his heart, and so they share all their meals with dogs and cows in graveyards, even eating from the same plate, as they believe it is wrong to consider animals to be dirty.

Here are few videos about Aghoris

Alas, the AGHORI MUSIC ....

It is said that, if you hear its music & see this video, when having cannbis, it will take you to a different world. Thats what the addicts claim. But I advise you to not to get tempted. Your life your responsibility.

Even when I'm listening without any evil drug, I feel that Aghoriness and I'm Flying...

1. Look his eyes

But do not confuse that Aghoris are fond of DJ music. But these versions are modernisations of Aghori / Hindu manthras.

2. Here's another flavour

3. Aghori Alien art

4. A slow melodious version (less beats)

5. Aghori wilderness

I was just investigating it... But now I'm Addicted... Add your favorites below..

I need no Ganja for tasting it's eternal beauty...

Also Thumbs Down to Cannabis / Ganja.

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