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. DISCORD  Discord - General introduction + Benefits and Downsides.
Discord - General introduction + Benefits and Downsides.

Discord is a similar chat client like IRC available for cross-platforms - PC, Smartphones, etc.

In other words, Discord is the modernized version of IRC.


Secure. Updated routinely.

Active customer support.

Automatic Login.

Need not learn any code language + everything few clicks away.

Easy to manage channels under your given server (provided by Discord for free).

Free of cost.

Any Bots for discord can be invited to any channel. Just a click away.

You don't have to host any bot on your computer. Its available online.

No Down-times. Discord is available 24 * 7.

Can create unlimited number of channels.

Easy to assign Staff roles.

Voice channels can be made.

IRC users now prefer Discord.

Has Smiley support.


Resource hungry when compared to IRC.

Needs frequent update on PC.

Bulky appearance. Not minimalist design.

My Personal Views -

Only old school geeks use IRC now.

I use only Discord these days.

Because its easy to use without any Technical knowledge. But this is not the case of IRC.

The number of users in IRC is decreasing day-by-day.

And numbers are seen added to Discord users.

This is not just because of the Voice chat support. But the easiness in Handling.

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