My Codes
My Codes
01. MyCodes are codes, those can be added to your post, to make it attractive as well as informative.
02. MyCodes of our site may not function on other similar sites and viceversa.
03. Many sites use Pluggins to substitute the functions of MyCode.
04. As we believe these external pluggins may someday crash, or interfere with our website scripts during upgradation process, we minimize its usage.
05. Hence, we rely on these super orthodox MyCodes, for safety and convenience.
06. MyCodes usually start and end like this - [mycode] Your Text Here [/mycode].
07. You may display images or videos with respective urls or links.

Important MyCodes

01. Shadowed Text - [sw]Your Text Here[/sw]

02. Mask link with some other text - [url=] Your Text Here [/url]

eg : [url=] Click here to go to PostBin [/url]

03. Display image from image link - [img][/img]

Note : Use this site for uploading image if you like

04. Display or embed YouTube video - [yt]youtube_video_id_here[/yt]

Here in this link, the bolded portion is to be taken as the MyCode variable (youtube video id) -

So the code will ne like - [yt]fqucA_NGDiw[/yt]

05. Display self hosted video - [v=mp4]YOURPATHTOVIDEO.mp4[/v]

For eg: [v=mp4]/uploads/videos/YourVideoNameHere.mp4[/v]

06. To show php code - [php]Your php code here[/php]

07. To show other codes - [code]Your code here[/code]

08. To Quote - [Quote]Your Text Here[/Quote]

09. To Quote with a user - [Quote=UserName_Here]Your Text Here[/Quote]