General Introduction and Purpose
01. PostBin.in is a not-for-profit, voluntary project.
02. We provide you infotainment, as well as a space to keep your important writings on social media or anywhere else.
03. Even if the social media dump other's scum over your precious work, we preserve it for you, forever.
04. When you click on user names, you will get all the writings or works created by that particular user.
05. Same happens when you click on your username.
06. Later on, you may post postbin links on social media.
07. Altogether, the works made by you and people like you are beautifully indexed before the world.

Something we recommend
01. Everyone are busy. So make your post consized.
02. Stick with the points. Reduce elaboration and repetition.
03. The content is most important, and not the beautification.
04. You should have something thats worth saving to our databases. Because we pay for it.
05. Saves your time, your readers' time, and our resources.
06. Though it is just a recommendation and we respect your free will.

How to become our Member?
01. Only a member can post topics to this project. And membership is free of cost.
02. To request to become a member, you need to Register.
03. Only after the adminidtrator manually process your request, you are entitled as our member.
04. The membership is not a leisure activity. For us, you are important.
05. Only those who are resourceful should be our member.
06. We dont have any discrimination or bias.
07. Finally, good luck.

Tech aspects
01. The script we run are MyBB forum code.
02. Our host JumboHost.In
03. Plan - Lifelong paid shared linux hosting.
04. Previously we used 000webhost and Hostinger free hosting plans, for a different brand.
05. Hence we accept donations. :)